Star Wars: the Old Republic, Fragile Hope

A Treaty of 4 Armies

Our party begins with an invite to Mandalore to meet the new Empress of the Mandalorian Empire, Selene Haytt, the sister of the deceased Princess Latese. However, the Republic has set up a blockade until the incident in the Kuat shipyards, and theft of the Command Ships is resolved. Sent to settle this dispute are Senator Valkorian, Under Chancellor Malea Togar, and Jedi Masters Yami Zato and Pando.

Our party makes their way to the Capital City, where the Kuat systems demands are made known. It also comes to the surface that the incident has been pinned on a Kuat Terrorist named Bano Morax. Our party takes Bano outside to question him, but he is swiftly shot by a Noghri Sniper. Aopey gives pursuit, while Bano is rushed below ground, escorted by the Jedi Bounty Hunter Loran, and Koyi. In the medical facilities, Bano “mysteriously” dies. Von had been able to decipher that Bano had been mind wiped, and been implanted with false memories with some Force Powers.

In pursuit of the Sniper, Aopey gets attacked and shot by a group of Noghri Bounty Hunters. Their ship pands, and a conflict ensues. In the midst of the conflict, it appears as though Jedi Loran is cutting down members of the Royal Family. Amidst this chaos, Pre Vizla Zargo Hett moves the Mandalorian Command Fleet to the Tuang System, where the “ressurrected” Mandalore the Ultimate awaits his fleet.

The dust settles as Valkorian uses Republic Forces to flush out the Noghri Bounty Hunters, headed by the nefarious Dax Rakadar.

Our party is now invited by Zargo to attend the “The Treaty of 4 Armies” in the city of Miho in the Correllia System. The groups attending are: The Republic led by Chancellor Janarus and Jedi Grand Master Zym, The New Empire represented by Emperor Veradun II and Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Quillius, the Mandalorian Empire represented by Empress Selene, Pre Vizla Zargo, Mandalore the Ultimate, and Je’daii Masters Von, Tyrcus, Aopey, and Koyi, and the Infinite Empire lead by Predor Zendall and High Priestess Aldyll. The Galaxy is seperated into 4 sections. In the midst of this, the failings of Master Zym come to light, and Yami Zato announces that the Jedi of Coruscant have ousted him as Grand Master. Veradun announces the immediate arrest and execution of Zym. Zym is able to disembody and teleport away.

With advice from Fortris Gall, our party makes their way to the rebuilt Jedi Temple of Coruscant. In the meditation room, various strategies are discussed while awaiting Zym. He finally arrives, and uses a strange “Force Banish” power to eradicate Fortris, though Von’s illusions are unharmed. Tyrcus blows up the room, no one is certain of the fate of Zym, but our party fears he has escaped…

The Je'daii Empowered

Our party begins on Dromund Kaas where Emperor Veradun reveals his plans for a “Forced Galactic Peace” within the Galaxy, by using the Rakata to leverage the Republic, and by forcing the Republic to dismiss the Jedi of Coruscant.

Instrumental to his plans it is that the Je’daii provoke the Rakata who have stationed themselves in Dathomir. The party meets Veradun in private, with his new advisor Darth Quillus, a human of strange intentions. It is agreed that Quillus will observe on the Je’daii council, and that Koyi will observe on the “New Empire Galactic Council”.

Our party makes its way to Dathomir to entreat with Predor Zendall of the Rakata. The Predor has some pretty ambitious and aggressive actions set forth. Our party tries to distract him by setting him on a course to attack Dantooine, a resource rich planet for the New Empire. It seems that the Je’daii will use the Rakata against the New Empire and the Republic in order to leverage its own position in the Galaxy.

After that, our party heads to the moon Concordia of Mandalore, where an inglorious BLUE TEMPLE awaits them. It seems that Tyrcus the Chiss has influenced the Architect of the Temple to go blue, all blue, inside and out. The party holds a series of important meetings with Princess Latese of Mandalore, Master Gall and the Ossus Jedi, and Master Zym of the Coruscant Jedi; all under an oppressive blue shadow…

Our party needs a command fleet and an army, and so the Je’daii assist the Mandalorians with a raid of Kuat to steal their command ships. There seems to be some struggle of intentions between Princess Latese and Baraon Zargo. Latese wants to join the Republic, Zargo wants to create a Mandlorian Empire to rule the Mid-Rim worlds.

Outside of Kuat, our party runs into some troubles and is forced to jettison from the Mandalorian. After stealing a shuttle from a Kuat command ship, our party makes its way to the moon K5 to disable the defense grid. Death nearly takes the party as they confront former Jedi Master Spandu and his apprentice Iris, and then again when the defense grid reactor creates something the party can only describe as a Singularity.

In one swoop, the party takes out the defense grid and naval fleet of Kuat, allowing Baron Zargo to sweep in and dismantle the Kuat army.

This victory comes with the sad news that Princess Latese has been killed by poison during the battle. Baron Zargo is named Pre Vizla, and plans on taking Mandalore into a Golden Age of Conquest…

Return of the Emperor

Our party starts on Coruscant and is thrown into an intense inquest before the Republic Senate in which the Wee Quay, Ithorians, and Aqualish have requested formal charges are brought against our party for the murder of the previous 2 Chancellors. With some crafty use of the Force, our party turns the table on Senator Squibbo of Aqualish, and Senator Valkorian brings forth the valor of our group in the defeat of Darth Malgus. WIth a 91% not guilty vote, our party succeeds.

Next they confront Master Zym at the Jedi Temple. Dar’Nala is there, alive and well. Master Zym puts the squeeze on Tyrcus the Chiss as he knows that Tyrcus requested the assassination of Chancellor Param An-Ris. Our party is summarily informally exiled from the Jedi order. Before they leave they discover the where abouts of the stolen Holocrons detailing the location of the Akar Kesh system.

Our party uses illusion and subterfuge to sneak into the Sith Towers and they find the Holocrons that Lord Baras stole. Its off to Akar Kesh!

In this ancient system in the Unknown Regions, our party finds the Lost Jedi Temple. Once inside, they find Rajivari, the First Je’daii Grand Master. He speaks of the Infinity Spike, and the Infinity Gates. He charges our group to meet Fu Kwa, and then retrieve the spike from the Rakata Race of Lehon. Rajivari hands over the First Force Sword to the Grand Master of the Ancient Je’daii Order. After some scuffling it ends up in the hands of Von Almari, the Falleen.

On Dathomir, the party meets the Keeper of the Star Temple, Fu Kwa. This strange blue reptile works some negotiations from the party. He opens the Infinity Gate in exchange for the knowledge of Ashla. In exchange for Bogan, he hands over the Holocrons of many different Force Skills he has studied across the Galaxy. He also hands over a precious egg to Koyi the Twi’lek.

Our party teleports through the Infinity Gate, and arrives in the Lehon System. The entire Rakata race is filled with the Dark Side. They meet Predor Zendall and Priestess Aldyll. The Predor is pleased that the Je’daii will take the Infinity Spike from them. Our party makes new Force Hounds, and crafts some Force Sabers, before travelling into the Planet’s Core, a region the Rakata call “The Underforce”. Here the party encounters their worst fears, and one by one, they overcome them. Aopey successfully retrieves the Infinity Spike. Pleased with this turn of events, Priestess Aldyll brands the party with “Sith Runes” that enhance the health and Stamina of our group. It is not lost on the party that the Rakata battle fleet has been slipping through the Infinity Gate to regions unknown.

Our party makes its way to Ossus and meets the dissident Jedi led by the Human Grand Master Fortris Gall. Dar’Nala is also there. They want to arrange a strike team to take down the Space Station “The Valiant” orbiting the Biss System. This station controls all of the Sith Empire’s Droid and Intelligence Network in the Republic. Our party is inclined to go, until Senator Valkorian pressures them into escorting him to Dromund Kaas to ease worries over the assassination of Baras and Malgus. Our party hires Dago Malkhet and Wynn Cato to join Gall’s strike force.

After meeting the good Senator outside of Mandalore, they land on his command ship “The Valkorian” and make way to Dromund Kaas. Our party arrives in the Lions Den of their most hated enemies. The scene is tense as the lift doors open directly into the assembled Sith High Council. It is here that young Veradun steps forward and reveals that he is the Sith Emperor. Our party is left with in total suspense, unsure of what the next move will be…

Rise of the Je'daii

Our party starts on Coruscant with plans to head to Yavin IV to learn of Ashla and Bogan, and to entrap Darth Malgus. WIth some planning, it is decided to call upon Tyrcus’ connection with the Mandelorian Dago Malkhet to get them there.

Once on the jungle moon of Yavin IV, our party encounters strange beasts and insectoids that assault the party. Once safely through, they meet Seq A’ou, the Force Ghost. He presents them with various challenges to test their skills. WIth much effort and some near failures, they succeed. Seq A’ou imparts the ancient power of Ashla upon them, the root of the Light Side of the Force.

Malgus has arrived! Battle is intense and Malgus nearly wipes out our party. After much strife, and assistance from the Force Hounds Xesh and Trill, the party defeats Malgus. The party then heads to the Hoth System to visit the Temple of Lord Moroth again. Moroth is pleased with the progress of the party and imparts the Dark Side Power of Bogan upon them. They face yet another leg in their training, the destruction of Lord Baras. However, our party now learns that with both Bogan and Ashla, they have returned the tenants of the Ancient Je’daii order, and they are all full fledged Masters now.

In an effort to lure Darth Baras, our party accepts a mission from Chancellor Param An-Ris to take him back to Cerea. With some swindling in his Coruscant office, they get Param off of his platform without Baras being aware. The party then evades Baras, and the Chancellor asks them to take him to Mandalore to meet with Princess Latese.

On Mandalore, the Chancellor is unable to sway Latese, and Dago kills the Chancellor. After some victory celebrations over the death of Malgus, Von uses some sexy time to sway Latese into allowing the Ancient Je’daii order to use Mandalore as a base of their new operations.

The party contacts the Sith shadow observer, Darth Ekkage, about the death of the Chancellor, and the failure of Darth Baras. Baras is demoted and sent to the moon of Aqualish as a punishment. Dago hires the bounty hunter Wynn Cato to perform a “land and boom” on Baras. All goes as planned, Baras is blown up. The party pays a bounty, collects a bounty, and delivers the head to Lord Moroth on Hoth.

Moroth reveals the location of Akar Kesh as the location of the Vur Tepe Temple and the Infinity Gate to Lehon. The party is instructed to meet Je’daii Grand Master Rajivari to complete their training.

However, events in the Republic and the Empire threaten to crush the party under their weight before these former Jedi can return with the Rise of the Je’daii…

The Son of the Empire

The Jedi receive information from Master Dar’Nala to travel to Dantooine to the estates of Darth Malgus to rescue 2 Jedi, Rylan and Jex-Sin, and to find and destroy Malgus’ wife and son. The party travels to Dantooine with Captian Brekk and Mandalorians mercenaries to the planet of Zertz. Once there they find that Malgus’ personal guards hang out at the Dark Moon Cantina. They make their way to the Cantina and after some scouting, they find and assault the guards. With a uniform Von can now infiltrate the estate.

Once within Von scouts it out and let’s the party in. After assaulting a guard, a secret alarm is tripped by camera, and Darth Ru, several Sith Acolytes, and some Sith Troopers accost the party. After tense battle and near deaths, the party survives, using the captured guard to discover the location of the captured Jedi, the party makes their way down to the detention level. The Jedi are in bad shape. It seems as though Malgus’ youngest son Veradun II has been keeping them well. The young boy quickly proves his worth and value to the party as he plots an escape for the crew. With the distraction of the Madalorians, his mother approaches the escape shuttle. The boy throws some smoke her way, and soon enough the party is off.

Veradun shares his fathers holocron with Von detailing a secret Temple and cave of immense power in the Hoth system aboard the Bastion. Dar’Nala talks with the boy and sees his kidnapping as a boon. She believes if he is trained as a Jedi it will strike a deep and hurtful blow to Darth Malgus.

The secrets of the holocron are difficult to grasp, so the party illicits the help of Tyrcus’ Jedi Master Lord Mandimus. It’s off the the Teta system and the moon called Elan. Once there they make their way to the Krath temple. Lord Mandimus sheds some light about the Temple, Lord Moroth, and the Dark Side power called Bogan.

The party must make preparations for Hoth, and so they stop in the Correliioan System for some unfinished business with Jedi Master Pando. Pando delivers a Sith monitoring droid called FU5. Jedi Grand Master Xym is also there. He pleads with the party to return to the Jedi order, using the leverage that Satele Shan has returned and that she is headed to the Sith a Emperor on Dromund Kaas. Our party does not accept his offer.

It’s off to Hoth, with snow gear and vehicles ready to go. They travel far to the north and find the hidden Mountain the houses the Temple of Moroth. They climb high, then enter in a cave without the boy Veradun. Inside, calamity strikes, as the ice cave crumbles. The party is saved by a shadowy figure, only to be assaulted by a swarm of red sabered brutes. In fact, it is illusion that assaults the party. After the ruse is discovered, the ghost of a Lord Moroth tests your party. This test nearly kills Aopey, and Koyi backs down. He gives the party a chance to use the power of they can take it from his wasted apprentice Darth Malgus and Darth Baras. He seems to want to empower the boy, but Tyrcus will not allow it. He reveals that the other half of the truth lay in the Yavin system, where Malgus can be destroyed…

The Jedi Broken

We start with our party accepting their first Jedi mission away from the Core Worlds, investigating why Incom Corp has cut off food shipments to the Republic territories. Our party rides upon the Vindicator of Captain Jeffren Brek to the Fre’ji system. Exiting hyperspace you see 3 Kuat System Route Blockers. Lt. Dirthas greets you and allows you to come aboard the command ship. Once upon the ship, you speak to Incom President Jayce Razor, who tells you the contract was nullified with a direct payment to Chancellor Berookan. Tyrcus the Chiss senses a trap, and it is sprung. Darth Barkyy the Trandoshan and his small forced assault the party. Koyi the Twi’lek is nearly cut in half, while Tyrcus is riddled with Lightning of the Dark Side. Our party almost goes down until Von, Vangar, and Aopey coordinate to end the Sith reign upon the ship.

Our party narrowly escapes and returns to Coruscant. Master Zym is appraised of the mission, and the party travels with Zym to investigate Chancellor Berookan. The truth comes out as Under Chancellor Bardo of Rodia has been undermining the Republic for reasons unknown. He is arrested.

The Sith Empire offers a cease fire and peace treaty and wishes to negotiate on Alderaan. The Senate puts it to a vote, and an overwhelming majority seeks peace. While negotiations take place, our party is asked to perform security detail for Chancellor Berookan. With forces sprea across the Galaxy, the Sith attack Coruscant. With swift precision, the Jedi Temple and Republic buildings fall. The Chancellor is being hunted by Darth Aaruun. The party flees to the surface and does their best to duck and hide, after much chase, Darth Aaruun finds them and assassinates Chancellor Berookan before their eyes. The party is saved by Zym and finds an secret transmission post in the Undercity. The Republic representatives of Alderaan are reached and appraised of events. The treaty is signed.

Darth Malgus is able to murder almost all of the Jedi of Coruscant, including Koyi’s master, Ven Zallow. Satele Shan is able to liberate our group, and the Jedi reconvene on aTython. The Jedi fracture, and Zym will lead most Jedi back to Coruscant to accept the Sith terms. A small faction will join Dar’Nala the Togruta Jedi to form the New Jedi Order charged with the destruction of Darth Malgus, and the rest of the Sith. We end with our party convening of Dar’nala’s command cruiser, The Bastion…

Signing the Treaty of Coruscant
Stabbing at shadows

The Sith Empire has agreed to peace terms with the Galactic Republic (3653 BBY), and the world of Alderaan is the place where this concord will be struck. Lord Baras will meet with Senator Param An-Ris of Cerea to sign the deal. Darth Malgus is noticeably absent. Your party is responsible for safeguarding Chancellor Berookan. Should be an easy task considering he is safely monitoring events in his Coruscant Cloud Condo…


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