Star Wars: the Old Republic, Fragile Hope

Return of the Emperor

Our party starts on Coruscant and is thrown into an intense inquest before the Republic Senate in which the Wee Quay, Ithorians, and Aqualish have requested formal charges are brought against our party for the murder of the previous 2 Chancellors. With some crafty use of the Force, our party turns the table on Senator Squibbo of Aqualish, and Senator Valkorian brings forth the valor of our group in the defeat of Darth Malgus. WIth a 91% not guilty vote, our party succeeds.

Next they confront Master Zym at the Jedi Temple. Dar’Nala is there, alive and well. Master Zym puts the squeeze on Tyrcus the Chiss as he knows that Tyrcus requested the assassination of Chancellor Param An-Ris. Our party is summarily informally exiled from the Jedi order. Before they leave they discover the where abouts of the stolen Holocrons detailing the location of the Akar Kesh system.

Our party uses illusion and subterfuge to sneak into the Sith Towers and they find the Holocrons that Lord Baras stole. Its off to Akar Kesh!

In this ancient system in the Unknown Regions, our party finds the Lost Jedi Temple. Once inside, they find Rajivari, the First Je’daii Grand Master. He speaks of the Infinity Spike, and the Infinity Gates. He charges our group to meet Fu Kwa, and then retrieve the spike from the Rakata Race of Lehon. Rajivari hands over the First Force Sword to the Grand Master of the Ancient Je’daii Order. After some scuffling it ends up in the hands of Von Almari, the Falleen.

On Dathomir, the party meets the Keeper of the Star Temple, Fu Kwa. This strange blue reptile works some negotiations from the party. He opens the Infinity Gate in exchange for the knowledge of Ashla. In exchange for Bogan, he hands over the Holocrons of many different Force Skills he has studied across the Galaxy. He also hands over a precious egg to Koyi the Twi’lek.

Our party teleports through the Infinity Gate, and arrives in the Lehon System. The entire Rakata race is filled with the Dark Side. They meet Predor Zendall and Priestess Aldyll. The Predor is pleased that the Je’daii will take the Infinity Spike from them. Our party makes new Force Hounds, and crafts some Force Sabers, before travelling into the Planet’s Core, a region the Rakata call “The Underforce”. Here the party encounters their worst fears, and one by one, they overcome them. Aopey successfully retrieves the Infinity Spike. Pleased with this turn of events, Priestess Aldyll brands the party with “Sith Runes” that enhance the health and Stamina of our group. It is not lost on the party that the Rakata battle fleet has been slipping through the Infinity Gate to regions unknown.

Our party makes its way to Ossus and meets the dissident Jedi led by the Human Grand Master Fortris Gall. Dar’Nala is also there. They want to arrange a strike team to take down the Space Station “The Valiant” orbiting the Biss System. This station controls all of the Sith Empire’s Droid and Intelligence Network in the Republic. Our party is inclined to go, until Senator Valkorian pressures them into escorting him to Dromund Kaas to ease worries over the assassination of Baras and Malgus. Our party hires Dago Malkhet and Wynn Cato to join Gall’s strike force.

After meeting the good Senator outside of Mandalore, they land on his command ship “The Valkorian” and make way to Dromund Kaas. Our party arrives in the Lions Den of their most hated enemies. The scene is tense as the lift doors open directly into the assembled Sith High Council. It is here that young Veradun steps forward and reveals that he is the Sith Emperor. Our party is left with in total suspense, unsure of what the next move will be…


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