Star Wars: the Old Republic, Fragile Hope

Rise of the Je'daii

Our party starts on Coruscant with plans to head to Yavin IV to learn of Ashla and Bogan, and to entrap Darth Malgus. WIth some planning, it is decided to call upon Tyrcus’ connection with the Mandelorian Dago Malkhet to get them there.

Once on the jungle moon of Yavin IV, our party encounters strange beasts and insectoids that assault the party. Once safely through, they meet Seq A’ou, the Force Ghost. He presents them with various challenges to test their skills. WIth much effort and some near failures, they succeed. Seq A’ou imparts the ancient power of Ashla upon them, the root of the Light Side of the Force.

Malgus has arrived! Battle is intense and Malgus nearly wipes out our party. After much strife, and assistance from the Force Hounds Xesh and Trill, the party defeats Malgus. The party then heads to the Hoth System to visit the Temple of Lord Moroth again. Moroth is pleased with the progress of the party and imparts the Dark Side Power of Bogan upon them. They face yet another leg in their training, the destruction of Lord Baras. However, our party now learns that with both Bogan and Ashla, they have returned the tenants of the Ancient Je’daii order, and they are all full fledged Masters now.

In an effort to lure Darth Baras, our party accepts a mission from Chancellor Param An-Ris to take him back to Cerea. With some swindling in his Coruscant office, they get Param off of his platform without Baras being aware. The party then evades Baras, and the Chancellor asks them to take him to Mandalore to meet with Princess Latese.

On Mandalore, the Chancellor is unable to sway Latese, and Dago kills the Chancellor. After some victory celebrations over the death of Malgus, Von uses some sexy time to sway Latese into allowing the Ancient Je’daii order to use Mandalore as a base of their new operations.

The party contacts the Sith shadow observer, Darth Ekkage, about the death of the Chancellor, and the failure of Darth Baras. Baras is demoted and sent to the moon of Aqualish as a punishment. Dago hires the bounty hunter Wynn Cato to perform a “land and boom” on Baras. All goes as planned, Baras is blown up. The party pays a bounty, collects a bounty, and delivers the head to Lord Moroth on Hoth.

Moroth reveals the location of Akar Kesh as the location of the Vur Tepe Temple and the Infinity Gate to Lehon. The party is instructed to meet Je’daii Grand Master Rajivari to complete their training.

However, events in the Republic and the Empire threaten to crush the party under their weight before these former Jedi can return with the Rise of the Je’daii…


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