Star Wars: the Old Republic, Fragile Hope

The Jedi Broken

We start with our party accepting their first Jedi mission away from the Core Worlds, investigating why Incom Corp has cut off food shipments to the Republic territories. Our party rides upon the Vindicator of Captain Jeffren Brek to the Fre’ji system. Exiting hyperspace you see 3 Kuat System Route Blockers. Lt. Dirthas greets you and allows you to come aboard the command ship. Once upon the ship, you speak to Incom President Jayce Razor, who tells you the contract was nullified with a direct payment to Chancellor Berookan. Tyrcus the Chiss senses a trap, and it is sprung. Darth Barkyy the Trandoshan and his small forced assault the party. Koyi the Twi’lek is nearly cut in half, while Tyrcus is riddled with Lightning of the Dark Side. Our party almost goes down until Von, Vangar, and Aopey coordinate to end the Sith reign upon the ship.

Our party narrowly escapes and returns to Coruscant. Master Zym is appraised of the mission, and the party travels with Zym to investigate Chancellor Berookan. The truth comes out as Under Chancellor Bardo of Rodia has been undermining the Republic for reasons unknown. He is arrested.

The Sith Empire offers a cease fire and peace treaty and wishes to negotiate on Alderaan. The Senate puts it to a vote, and an overwhelming majority seeks peace. While negotiations take place, our party is asked to perform security detail for Chancellor Berookan. With forces sprea across the Galaxy, the Sith attack Coruscant. With swift precision, the Jedi Temple and Republic buildings fall. The Chancellor is being hunted by Darth Aaruun. The party flees to the surface and does their best to duck and hide, after much chase, Darth Aaruun finds them and assassinates Chancellor Berookan before their eyes. The party is saved by Zym and finds an secret transmission post in the Undercity. The Republic representatives of Alderaan are reached and appraised of events. The treaty is signed.

Darth Malgus is able to murder almost all of the Jedi of Coruscant, including Koyi’s master, Ven Zallow. Satele Shan is able to liberate our group, and the Jedi reconvene on aTython. The Jedi fracture, and Zym will lead most Jedi back to Coruscant to accept the Sith terms. A small faction will join Dar’Nala the Togruta Jedi to form the New Jedi Order charged with the destruction of Darth Malgus, and the rest of the Sith. We end with our party convening of Dar’nala’s command cruiser, The Bastion…


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