Star Wars: the Old Republic, Fragile Hope

The Son of the Empire

The Jedi receive information from Master Dar’Nala to travel to Dantooine to the estates of Darth Malgus to rescue 2 Jedi, Rylan and Jex-Sin, and to find and destroy Malgus’ wife and son. The party travels to Dantooine with Captian Brekk and Mandalorians mercenaries to the planet of Zertz. Once there they find that Malgus’ personal guards hang out at the Dark Moon Cantina. They make their way to the Cantina and after some scouting, they find and assault the guards. With a uniform Von can now infiltrate the estate.

Once within Von scouts it out and let’s the party in. After assaulting a guard, a secret alarm is tripped by camera, and Darth Ru, several Sith Acolytes, and some Sith Troopers accost the party. After tense battle and near deaths, the party survives, using the captured guard to discover the location of the captured Jedi, the party makes their way down to the detention level. The Jedi are in bad shape. It seems as though Malgus’ youngest son Veradun II has been keeping them well. The young boy quickly proves his worth and value to the party as he plots an escape for the crew. With the distraction of the Madalorians, his mother approaches the escape shuttle. The boy throws some smoke her way, and soon enough the party is off.

Veradun shares his fathers holocron with Von detailing a secret Temple and cave of immense power in the Hoth system aboard the Bastion. Dar’Nala talks with the boy and sees his kidnapping as a boon. She believes if he is trained as a Jedi it will strike a deep and hurtful blow to Darth Malgus.

The secrets of the holocron are difficult to grasp, so the party illicits the help of Tyrcus’ Jedi Master Lord Mandimus. It’s off the the Teta system and the moon called Elan. Once there they make their way to the Krath temple. Lord Mandimus sheds some light about the Temple, Lord Moroth, and the Dark Side power called Bogan.

The party must make preparations for Hoth, and so they stop in the Correliioan System for some unfinished business with Jedi Master Pando. Pando delivers a Sith monitoring droid called FU5. Jedi Grand Master Xym is also there. He pleads with the party to return to the Jedi order, using the leverage that Satele Shan has returned and that she is headed to the Sith a Emperor on Dromund Kaas. Our party does not accept his offer.

It’s off to Hoth, with snow gear and vehicles ready to go. They travel far to the north and find the hidden Mountain the houses the Temple of Moroth. They climb high, then enter in a cave without the boy Veradun. Inside, calamity strikes, as the ice cave crumbles. The party is saved by a shadowy figure, only to be assaulted by a swarm of red sabered brutes. In fact, it is illusion that assaults the party. After the ruse is discovered, the ghost of a Lord Moroth tests your party. This test nearly kills Aopey, and Koyi backs down. He gives the party a chance to use the power of they can take it from his wasted apprentice Darth Malgus and Darth Baras. He seems to want to empower the boy, but Tyrcus will not allow it. He reveals that the other half of the truth lay in the Yavin system, where Malgus can be destroyed…


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