Aopey Ozath

Miraluka Master Je'daii


Aopey Ozath
Age: 24
Hair: White (always covered)
Eyes: n/a
Height: 5’8”
Weight: 134lb.
Species: Miraluka
Planet: Alpheridies
Languages: Miralukese, Common




Aopey was born on the Miraluka adopted homeworld of Alpheridies. Her parents were administrators and teachers for the Jedi Order. The Force is very strong with Aopey, and she was brought to the Jedi Council at a very early age. It was recognized early on that Aopey was very bright. Without the use of her eyes, she was more apt to meditate and seek a higher consciousness. By age 13, Aopey was being groomed to become a Sentinel. She received top marks and is a trusted member of the Jedi Order and hopes one day to sit on the Council and instruct a padawan learner.
Aopey is very thoughtful in her actions and deeds, and she is no stranger to hard work and practiced determination. She is also very cautious, making her the perfect Sentinel. Despite all her deliberative actions, she longs to be given a significant mission of great importance. Aopey comes from an extremely united race. She will not let her Order down, and her determination to succeed will not let her comrades down. She is loyal to a fault, but will ferret out any deceptions. And she is committed to ending the oppression of the Sith and bringing peace to the universe…Oh, and she’s hot…


Aopey Ozath

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