Param Am-Ris

Republic Senator


Around 3653 BBY, the senator from Cerea was among a delegation of politicians, accompanied by two Jedi who traveled to Alderaan, on behalf of the Galactic Republic with the representatives of the Sith Empire, to conclude a peace agreement. However, it was discovered that the Imperials had threaded this meeting because they secretly planned an attack on Coruscant and forced the representatives to accept their terms and conditions. Eventually, he was contacted by Chancellor Berooken who told him that the planet was attacked by the Empire and therefore cease the negotiations. Sadly, the Cerean witnessed Berooken’s death at the hands of the Sith. Darth Baras, who had been attacked by the Jedi Knight Satele Shan, told the senator that the contract must be signed up at the conditions of the Empire while Coruscant was held hostage. Paran suggested to think about it since the participants were treated unfairly by this approach. Finally, the contract had to be signed, because it didn’t connect to Coruscant and the safety of the public.


Param Am-Ris

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