Aing Tii Monk Force Arts


Aing Tii Monk Arts

The Aing-Tii were a secretive species of alien monks who hailed from a world within the Kathol Rift and resided near that area of space. Many members of the species were Force-sensitive; these were the only Aing-Tii who ever left their planet, traveling about the Rift in large, organic starships and using advanced weaponry to destroy those who opposed them. The Aing-Tii were very reclusive; they often used violence to dissuade outsiders from probing too far into their business, although a report based on a crashed Aing-Tii ship provided the galaxy with some details on their culture. Their belief system held that all events were not necessarily predetermined, but rather “guided.” Unlike the Jedi or Sith, the Aing-Tii held that the Force had neither a light nor a dark side, but was full of many colors, like a rainbow.

Experience Cost: 5 X Level Desired

Level 1: Ship Commune:

Description: The monk can communicate with the craft they are aboard as though it were a living thing. This increases the speed and effectiveness of all the ships systems. In game terms the Monk adds their rank in Aing Tii Monk Arts on top of any roll for the ships systems.

This power is permanent and requires no cost.

Level 2: Null Burst:

Description: The Monk can nullify the Force Powers of others in their proximity. This doesn’t stop them from using future powers, but it does shut off sabers and take down active Force Powers such as Force Armor.

Roll: Stamina + Aing Ti versus Resolve + Stamina (highest of those within 100’)
Cost: 1 Force Point
Action: Instant
Duration: Instant

Roll Results:
Dramatic Failure: The Monk cuts themselves off from the Force for the remainder of the scene.

Failure: The monk is unable to nullify the Force around them.

Success: The Monk nullifies all active Force Powers and Force activated devices within a 100’ radius of themselves. Items and Powers may be turned on with each targets next action, but not sooner.

Exceptional Success: All powers and items suffer a -1 to their dice pool for the next hour.

Level 3: Energy Web:

Description: The Monk launches a 30’ cone at a target area and catches it in a web that lasts for 3 rounds. This yellow energy web not only destroys life forms and droids, it shuts down computer systems.

Roll: Stamina + Aing Tii (targets roll Stamina + Connection to resist)
Cost: 1 Force Point
Action: instant
Duration: 3 rounds

Roll Results:
Dramatic Failure: the Monk traps themselves in their own web doing Lethal Damage equal to their Aing Tii score.

Failure: the Monk creates a fizzle but no web.

Success: the Monk creates a cone 30’ long and 30’ wide, that casts over all life forms, droids, and inanimate objects.
Level 4: Flow Walking:

Description: The monk gives themselves into the Force and can see both forward and backward in time. Legend says some monks even combined Flow Walking with Teleportation at advanced levels and physically moved through time. The monk must be in a specific location to see the time events that unfolded there.

Roll: Intelligence + Science
Cost: 1 Force Point
Action: Instant
Duration: 1 scene

Roll results:
Dramatic Failure: the monk glimpses events that are false but believes them to be real.

Failure: the monk is unable to glimpse time events.

Success: the monk is able to glimpse events in the past or present up to a range of (Intelligence X 100 years). The monk can only see what has transpired in the location they are in, or what will transpire, but may not interact. It plays like a movie for them.

Exceptional Success: the monk can change the modifier to (Intelligence X 1000) years and can pause events and interact with items that are located in the scene.

Level 5: Force Teleportation:

Description: the monks were notorious for their ability to teleport hundreds of yards in the blink of an eye. Even more impressive they could teleport their ships as well. The Monks could travel even the most dangerous places like the Kessel Rift, and they were nearly impossible to destroy in battle.

Roll: Wits + Science (-Size of craft), no reduction for self
Cost: 1 WP
Action: Instant
Duration: Instant

Roll Results:
Dramatic Failure: the monk teleports into a very Innapportune position and will likely perish.

Failure: no teleportation occurs

Success: the monk teleports to a random safe location within 1000 yards.

Exceptional Success: the monk teleports to a specific location within 5000 yards.



Aing Tii Monk Force Arts

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