Aopey's Force Sabers


Damage: 8A
Green Crystal—6 Deflect
Yellow Crystal—6 Defense


After receiving instruction from the ancient Force Ghost Saq A’ou on Yavin IV, Aopey took the Force Hound, Xesh, as her new ward. Xesh was an extremely skilled warrior and helped her, finally, to create two Force Sabers of her own.

We traveled to the strange planet, Dathomir, where we met a Kwa named Fu, who opened the Infinity Gates for teaching him Ashla and Bogan. We travel to the Lehon system and open the Infinity Gates to the Rakata. The planet is filled with fantastic Force crystals and training facilities that grow Force Hounds. Aopey constructs her Force Sabers with the help of Xesh


Aopey's Force Sabers

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