The Light Side of the Force


Arts of the Light Side of the Force

Description: The Ancient Jedi had learned to harness the Force and its various aspects such as Alter, Control, and Sense. They also learned of the Light Side and the Dark Side, however they did not shun from the use of all aspects of the a Force known to them. For this reason, they would walk a balance between light and dark. They named both sides of the Force after the moons of Tython, Ashla for the Light, Bogan for the Dark. The true Masters of the Force not only new Force Powers and Force Arts, they also had finer prowess over both aspects of the Force. In the old tradition of the Je’daii, one who could use Force Arts was a Knight, one who knew Ashla and Bogan was a Master.

Mechanics: Ashla works more like a Discipline from Vampire the Requiem than a Arcanum from Mage. Each level confers a new power learned by the Master.

Experience Cost: New Level X 5

Level 1: The Flowing Force:

Description: The Master is adept at drawing the living Force into themselves at a rapid pace. As long as the Master is on some sort of Planetary or Lunar surface, they may focus and draw a Force Points back into themselves.

Roll: Resolve + Force Connection
Action: Instant
Cost: none
Duration: instantaneous

Roll Results:
Dramatic Failure: Force bleed out occurs and the Master loses Force Points equal to their a Connection rating.

Failure: Nothing occurs.

Success: The Master draws a number of Force Points equal to the successes rolled. The ambient area only holds 10 Force Points, once the ambient Force is depleted no more Force may be drawn in this area.

Exceptional Success: The Master completely fills their Force Pool, and also attunes to the ambient Force giving the Master a +1 on all rolls for the remainder of the scene.

Level 2: The Fog of War:

Description: The Master is adept at quelling conflict with their words, however sometimes words are not enough. With the Fog of War, the Master can diminish the battle prowess of their foes. This power can sap the will from entire armies with but a thought.

Roll: Manipulation + Empathy minus average target’s Resolve
Action: instant
Duration: One scene
Cost: 1 Force Point

Roll Result:
Dramatic Failure: The Master overwhelmed their own senses and suffers a -2 penalty for the remainder of the scene.

Failure: The Master gives a focused look and nothing happens. This creates mild embarrassment.

Success: The Master can “mute” the aggression of the attackers they or their forces are up against. The foes suffer a dice penalty equal to the Master’s Ashla score. The Master can affect a number of targets equal to their Force Connection x 10 within a range of ¼ of a mile from their person.

Exceptional Success: Result is the same as a success, except the Master affects number of targets X 100 for every Force Connection point, and a range of 5 miles from their person.

Level 3: Meditative Mind:

Description: The Master can achieve a meditative state even while they are conscious and acting normal in all other regards. Only the most astute can ascertain that a Master is using The Meditative Mind technique.

System: With this power, the Master may use any Force Art that requires Concentration or Meditation while performing other actions. The secondary action may not be another Force Power, but running, a saber attack, an eloquent speech are all things that can be accomplished.

Roll: none required
Action: Instant
Duration: 1 scene
Cost: 1 willpower to set the Concentrated Power

Level 4: Force Augmentation:

Description: This power has several purposes that were used by the Ancient Je’daii. In its first aspect it enhances the expenditure of Force when used to physically augment themselves. In game terms this means that when a player spends a Force Point it grants them a +XX to their physical attributes, where XX represents their score in Ashla. In addition the Master can bump up any stat they like (for example: Ashla 4, bump up +1 strength, +2 dexterity, +1 stamina).

As a secondary power, if the Master also knows the Path of Bogan, they can use this power to add cybernetic enhancements to themselves without suffering any reduction in their Force a Powers as their body will accept and make such enhancements part of their living self. Legend says that some Ancient Masters were more machine than Living being, yet could wield the Force with a superiority that even the most pure practitioners could muster.

Both aspects of this power are considered always active and require no roll and have no cost. Assimilation of cybernetics takes roughly 5 minutes and then the penalty is gone.

Level 5: Life Bringer:

Description: This power is one of the most feared and misunderstood. On one hand it is the highest level of benevolence, some might even say God Like. On the other hand, it can be a used to levels that made it banned across the galaxy for ages. With this power, the Master can give life to droids, who become living cyborgs. With yet another use, the Master can give full intelligence to animal life. With yet another, the Master can drain the living Force from one being to give it to another recently deceased being to resurrect them. Finally, a Master can consume the heart of a fallen Force user, and gain Force Connection, Force Foci, Force Points, or Force Rotes from them.

Note that some uses of this power may cause a light side affinity Master to lose the Light Side affinity immediately.

Roll: Intelligence + Medicine minus targets Resolve + Connection
Action: extended, 1 roll per 3 minutes
Cost: 1 willpower point
Duration: permanent

Roll result:
Dramatic Failure: The Master fails to manipulate the Force and disconnects themselves from the Force for about an hour.

Failure: No successes are gained towards the goal of altering the life of Force Pattern of another.

Success: The Master must gain a number of successes equal to the Willpower of the entity considered as the giver or victim. Here are some results from the above mentioned actions this power can be used for.

Droid Life: The droid gains life, and will have the same sympathetic systems as the Master (food and air sources, blood type, etc.). Droids are unpredictable when this is done, some are appreciative, some are furious. You have given them life, but you have also given them death.

Animal Life: Beasts remain the same, but they are granted mental attributes at a rate of 1 less than the Master. In most cases, the beast is exceptionally pleased at this turn of events and will serve the Maker even unto death.

Resurrection: First, the Force must be taken from a Force user. In this action, the resurrected party will have a Force Connection score of whomever had the lower score. Next, the one losing the Force will die. This means that Light Side practitioners can not perform this feat. The victim of this power must be unconscious, though they will still resist. Since this power takes 3 minutes per roll, it’s not a way to kill your opponent. The party being resurrected must not have been deceased for more than 6 hours for this to work.

Force Consumption: The heart yields one of following benefits (players choice):
 Force Connection: if the target has a higher Connection rating, you may gain a point.
 Foci: any Foci that is higher than yours you may gain a point in.
 Rote: any level rote they could have you may gain.
 Force Points: you may replenish your Force Point pool (despicable)
 Saber affinity: any of their attuned sabers are attuned to you now (free aspect)



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