Baran Do Force Merit


Baran Do Force Merit

Thousands of years before the Kel Dors joined the Galactic Republic, they developed their own Force tradition—the Baran Do, practitioners of which were called Sages. Since their inception, the Baran Do acted as advisors and seers to the leaders of Kel Dor society. Initially, the Sages used the Force to amplify their natural senses, allowing them to detect dangerous weather phenomena in advance, saving the lives of countless Kel Dors by warning of impending natural disasters. However, as the Baran Do began to spend more time meditating on the nature of the Force, they found they could see into the future, and they became all the more valuable to Kel Dor society by preventing wars and stopping catastrophes long in advance. This led to many Sages taking government positions and acting in a more official role.

Experience Cost: as normal Merits (X2 Level Desired)

Level 1: Heightened Senses:
Description: 10X normal senses when turned on. No Cost, active when desired.

Level 2: Telekinetic Enhancement:
Description: Adds the Baran Do score to any Force Telekinesis Power used. Does not require any extra cost.

Level 3: White Lightning:
Description: An enhancement on Electric Judgement, these white bolts add “Baran Do” to the Dice Pool for Electric Judgement, as well as a +1 Bonus against Dark Side Affinity.

Level 4: Whirlwind Strike:
Description: The Baran Do can use a single saber strike to hit enemies that are within a 10’ area of each other. Use the highest defense or armor present. Does not negate the defense of the Baran Do. The damage rolled applies to ALL of the foes in the area.


Baran Do Force Merit

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