Dark Side Force Power of the Ancient Je'daii


Arts of the Dark Side

Description: The early Je’daii of Tython regarded the two moons as the representations of the Light and Dark sides of the Force. Ashla is a white moon, and represents the Light side of the Force; while Bogan the black moon represents the Dark side of the Force.

The ancient Je’daii learned methods to manipulate the Force through themselves via the Foci of Alter, Control, and Sense. However, the Je’daii Masters moved beyond manipulations of the Force into conduits of the Living Force itself. If a Je’daii could forsake the preconceived notions of practicing only the Arts of Ashla, they could create balance within themselves, and Master both Ashla and Bogan.

Bogan taps into the destructive parts of nature, and wise Je’daii knew that Forsaking Ashla entirely would lead themselves into corruption and decay. Those that drew only upon Bogan would eventually try to rule those that surrounded them. This effort would become a single minded focus until it consumed them. These “Dark Je’daii” were considered anathema and were hunted down and either destroyed or exiled. They eventually went off into the deep Outer Rim to the Stygian Space where they encountered the Sith Race, enslaved them, and converged Bogan with the Sith understanding of the Dark Side.

For Jed’aii that could master the Balance of the Force, Bogan was a powerful and effective tool when called upon. With deeper understanding of Bogan, the Master could call upon vast and powerful arts of the Dark Side of the Force.

For purposes of our game, Bogan is treated more like a Vampire Discipline than how the Force Arts equate to Mage. A player buys the levels of Bogan at a rate of:

New Level X 5

Levels of Bogan:

Level 1: The Reaper of Fear:
The Master can draw power upon the fear they cause in others. There are several methods of inducing fear that include:
• Physically harming another life form
• Making another being fear for their life
• Direct threats to loved ones of the target (these must be tangible threats not just spoken threats)
• Forcing a target into submission via intimidation

Each time the Master induces fear with one if the above methods they create and store a “Fear Point”. A Master can store Fear Points up to a maximum of their connection rating. When the Master chooses they may use these Fear Points to add the stored amount into a dice pool. This not only helps the Master further their efforts, but it infuses their chosen action with a foreboding that only the Dark Side can deliver, wether it is a saber attack or a political overture.

System: This power is considered always active and requires no roll or expenditure of Force Points to utilize. As stated the Master can store Fear Points up to a maximum of their Connection Rating. They can use these points regardless of how many they have stored. Once spent the Fear Points are diminished.

Level 2: Warrior of Passion:

Description: The master knows that it passion that drives them in any action they may take. Instead of disconnecting their passion, they take ownership of it, drawing deep within to use their passion to assist them in their moments of greatest strife. This makes them formidable warriors indeed to attempt to assail.

Action: instant
Cost: 1 Force Point
Duration: 1 scene
Roll: Composure + Empathy

Dramatic Failure: the Master is overcome by their Passion and it backfires on them, causing a -1 dice penalty for the next 24 hours.

Failure: the Master is unable to stoke their passions enough to aid them in conflict.

Success: the Master draws upon their passions and can use them to aid them towards their immediate goal. This means that a character adds their Composure score to their Health chart for an entire scene. They will still suffer from wound penalties in their last 3 enhanced health boxes.

Exceptional success: the master adds the health boxes as per Success, but also ignores would penalties. The duration also prolongs from 1 scene to 1 hour.

Level 3: The Power of Will

Description: The Master can Will their efforts to greater fruition. No matter the obstacle, their Will to succeed, and their Will to power is dominant and powerful.

System: The Master can use their Willpower to add to dice pools at the normal rate of +3 dice, however if they succeed in the roll, they retain their Willpower point and it is considered unspent. This is considered and always active and reflexive power. This power does not extend to enhancing defense however, only for attempted tolls.

Level 4: Unshackled Victory:

Description: There is nothing that a Master of Bogan hates more than being encumbered by the mere Force powers of the Je’daii. With the aid of the Dark Side, the Master can draw upon an even further resistance to repel Force Powers. With exceptional uses of this power, the Master can reflect the Force Power back upon the original caster.

Cost: 1 Force Point
Action: reflexive
Duration: instantaneous
Roll: Wits + Connection (or exact Rote if it is known to the Master)

Dramatic Failure: the Master has made an utter fool of himself and opened himself up to the power without any resistance roll. The caster gets a full success of whatever their roll indicated.

Failure: the Master does not thwart the power, and makes their resistance roll as per normal.

Success: the Master adds another level of protection to their resistance. The successes rolled on the attempt to use this power reduce the affects of the Force Power used against them. They then can make their normal resistance roll. If all the successes of the Force Power are matched by the Unshackled Victory roll, the opponent will suffer a -3 dice penalty to all subsequent Force Power rolls against the Master.

Exceptional success: things will not go well for the opponent. The Master redirects the Force Power back upon the opponent, and they can not resist their own Power turned back upon themselves. A strange thing indeed it is to see a Jedi throw themselves off of a ledge with their own Telekinetic push.

Level 5: Seeds of Corruption:

Description: The Master has a thorough grasp on those that they have manipulated towards their ultimate goals. Once the Master has used the Force on an individual either by pushing the targets mind toward a goal, or by using their verbal influence to steer them in a certain direction, the Master can mediate and see where the target is at. Not only that, the Master can then speak telepathically to the target no matter the distance, and attempt any Force Power on them with a +3 modifier. Legend speaks of Je’daii that could rule Planetary Systems through proxy Presidents while being physically located across the Galaxy.

Roll: a prerequisite Force Power that compels the actions or thoughts must have been made. Once that is done, any other compulsion roll gains a +3 bonus, despite distance.
Cost: 1 Force Point in addition to any other cost
Action: Instant, meditation is required first
Duration: varies by successive Force Power used




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