Force Saber

Dark Side Force Saber


The Forcesaber was a Rakatan invention in which powerful dark side energy was channeled through laboratory-grown crystals in glowing energy blades.


The production of a Force Saber is a difficult but doable process. There are several steps to create one, and they are as follows:

1. Utilize a Red Rakatan Lab Crystal

2. link the Red Crystal to a Purple Lehon Dark SIde (Bogan Crystal)

3. a Force Hound must unite the crystals with the Dark Side with their special skill “infusement”

  • Add another Focus Crystal for additional effect (optional)

4. The Force Hound then joins with their Master to attune the Saber to the Master. The Force Hound must be linked to their particular Master to do this, they can not complete this process for another Force User that is not their Master.

5. the Master spends 3XP to complete attunement

6. the Saber is done

Force Saber Stats:
damage: 8 agro base
Fear Points: adds +2 to fear point storage
Can strike Force Ghosts
adds +2 dice to Dark Side Powers
*add benefit of third crystal
can drain Force Points from victims at a rate of 1 per turn if held in victim

Force Saber

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