Je'daii Ouwon (Warrior)

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Je’daii Ouwon (Warrior)


Prerequisite: Connection 4, Sense2, Weaponry 3 (Weaponry skill Specialty (Lightsaber)

There are Force-users that have displayed extraordinary perceptions. It is almost as if there were eyes in the back of the Force-users head. This attainment is just such an awesome ability.

The Je’daii can perceive 360 degrees around herself. This Force power extends the Je’daii’s vision around her. As long as she can see, she perceives in 360 degrees with a reflexive (Wits+Composure+Sense) roll. It is almost impossible to surprise the Je’daii.

2nd—Ray Shields
Prerequisite: Connection 6, Control 2, Sense 3, Survival 4

Force Armor per the rote mechanics of the power as an Attainment (Stamina+Survival+Control)

Optional Focus: Sense 3

If the Je’daii knows Sense 3, she may use her knowledge to enhance the shields protection. The Je’daii adds +2 to her Ray Shield roll.

3rd—Ignore Strike
Prerequisite: Connection 8, Sense 5, Alter 4 (optional,) Survival 5

The Je’daii master of Sense is now so attuned with her Ray Shields at this point that she may (reflexively, after the attach is rolled) ignore the effects of a single attack.

Optional Focus: Alter 4

By honing her Alter focus the ignored attack can be rebounded back to the attacker with a contested roll. (Force Deflection as a rote Stamina+Survival+Alter vs. Attacker’s Successes.)



Je'daii Ouwon (Warrior)

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