Je’daii Zelada’tar (Traveler)


1st—Attuned Vessel

Prerequisite: Connection 4, Control 2 (primary), Sense 1, Piloting 3, and Aing Tii 1.

The Force-user has inhuman precision and speed, and is able to fire weapons with perfect accuracy. They are able to make the ship an extended part of themselves and gain a +2 bonus to any roll made for piloting, astrogation or firing weapons.

2nd—Null Shield
Prerequisite: Connection 6, Control 3, Survival 3, and Aing Tii 2.

Cost: 1 Force Point

Action: Reflexive

The Force-user is able to reflexively nullify Force Powers of others for 1 round (Stamina+Survival+Aing Tii versus Resolve + Stamina)

Optional Focus: Aing Tii 3

Using advanced knowledge the Je’daii is able to also target life forms, droids and computer systems, stunning or shutting them down for 2 rounds. (targets roll Stamina + Connection to resist)

3rd—Traveler of time

Prerequisite: Connection 8, Control 5, Aing Tii 4, and Science 5

The Je’daii master has a firm belief that events are not always set in stone. She is able to give herself into the Force and see the outcome of decisions made in the present. She may be able to adjust the past, present or future, but is always mindful that in doing so a “butterfly” might be created.

Optional Focus: Aing Tii 5

With this level of Aing Tii knowledge, she is able to bring others with her through time.


Je’daii Zelada’tar (Traveler)

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