Jensaarai Beast Battle Armor

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Jensaarai Beast Battle Armor:
Description: the Jensaarai take sacred pride in their bestial/demonic looking battle armor. They build an armor with 5 accessories (minoculars, blasters, energy shells, missiles, rocket pack, etc.). Once complete they attune the armor for 3XP. This has the following benefits:
The armor can come back to them when called if it is not on
The armor is granted a 2 to its Armor Rating
No other being can wear the armor
The Jensaarai can “plug into” the armor which gives them +5 speed and +3 initiative beyond any enhancements it may already have
The Armor is protected from weather, water, and the vacuum of space
The armor detects as a living thing, not a device
The Armor hides the Force Signature of the Jensaarai
The Armor is lightsaber proof—made of the Mandalorian metal—beskar
Modifications: Energy Shield (Shield Rating 4,) Stealth Field Generator (
3 to Stealth Rolls,) Cybernetic Comlink (long range,) Rocket Pack ( and Computer Visor (+2 to Computer Skill.)
Rating: 9/8
Strength: 3



Jensaarai Beast Battle Armor

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