Jensaarai Force Merit


Jensaarai Force Merit

The Jensaarai were an order of Force-users from the Suarbi system, who arose during the Clone Wars. Their name was Sith for “hidden followers of truth.” Their philosophy and methodology was a blend ofSith and Jedi teachings. Their hierarchy loosely resembled that of the Jedi Order. During its creation and early years the Jensaarai were opposed to the Jedi, due to ignorance and the loss of their founder. After the fall of the Galactic Empire, the Jensaarai made peace with the Jedi, and even sent students to learn at Luke Skywalker’s Jedi Praxeum on Yavin 4.

Experience Cost: Level Desired X 2 as per normal Merits

Level 1: Saber Enhancement:
Description: the Jensaarai masters the Lightsaber and its construction at a much earlier age than a Jedi or Sith, as such, they can craft better sabers. With Saber Enhancement, the Light Saber does +1 damage over its normal modifier. In addition, it can be attuned as usual for 3XP.

Level 2: Enhanced Saber Attunement:
Description: When the Jensaarai attunes a Lightsaber to themselves, it is much more powerful, granting a +2 modifier instead of the usual +1.

Level 3: Jensaarai Beast Battle Armor:
Description: the Jensaarai take sacred pride in their bestial/demonic looking battle armor. They build an armor with 5 accessories (minoculars, blasters, energy shells, missiles, rocket pack, etc.). Once complete they attune the armor for 3XP. This has the following benefits:
 The armor can come back to them when called if it is not on
 The armor is granted a +2 to its armor rating
 No other being can wear the armor
 The Jensaarai can “plug into” the armor which gives them +5 speed and +3 initiative beyond any enhancements it may already have
 The Armor is protected from weather, water, and the vacuum of space
 The armor detects as a living thing, not a device
 The Armor hides the Force Signature of the Jensaarai



Jensaarai Force Merit

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