JSS Almari

Flagship of the Jed'aii Order


The Jedi Starship (JSS) Almari is a custom and massive capital ship “liberated” from the Kuat Shipyards. Von Almari personally commands the JSS Almari when on board. The ship has been further modified to offer the Grandmaster the finest in accommodations.

The JSS Almari is a massive warship, even by capital ship standards and truly worth to act as the Flagship. Grandmaster Almari has ensured that the crew consists of mainly human members with a sprinkling of other races. The command crew are all Falleen.

Manufacturer: Kuat Drive Systems
Class: Dreadnaught
Length: 15,000 meters
Maximum Acceleration: 1295 G
Hyperdrive: x1 (Backup x4)
5 KDY Shield Generator Domes
Titanium-reinforced Alusteel Hull

2,000 Turbolasers, fire linked in groups of 8
250 Heavy Ion Cannons
Phylon Q7 Tractor Beam x2
500 Point Defense Laser Cannons

144 Star Fighters
30 Tanks
55 Land Walkers

222,000 crew members
1,555 gunners
38,000 landing troops

Consumables: 8 years



JSS Almari

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