Krath Force Merit


Krath Dark Side Force Merit

The cult was formed by a clique of bored youths of the Tetan nobility, led by Satal Keto, the heir-apparent, and his cousin Aleema. They named the cult after a magician-god from the fairy tales of their childhood. For some time, the Krath secret society was of little note and played no major part in Tetan politics. All this changed shortly after the Naddist Uprising on Onderon. The catalyst for this change was the influence of the spirit of the former Dark Lord of the SithFreedon Nadd, who took an active interest in Satal and Aleema. He became their Master and progressed them quickly down the path to darkness, teaching them many of the secrets of the ancient Sith.

Fuelled by the ambition of the dark side, the young aristocrats began plotting their rise to power. Aleema and Satal engineered a military and political coup in 3997 BBY, encasing Lord Keto in carbonite andmurdering all nobles and guildsmen opposing them. They created a new order on Empress Teta, replacing the previous governmental institutions with the monolithic rule of the Krath, based on the ruthless oppression of all dissent. A minor civil war broke out, as certain Tetan factions chose to rebel, but the Krath proved victorious thanks to Aleema’s magical talents, despite an attempt to intervene made by the Galactic Republic and the Jedi Order.

Experience Cost: Desired Level X 2 as per normal Merits

Level 1: Dark Side Talismans:
Description: The Krath can infuse items with 1 Force Point of the Dark Side. Once this is done, they can track the item to any location, and use the senses of (sight & hearing) within 25’ of the item when meditating upon it. Further, anyone touching the item loses (-2 dice) to resist any powers of the Krath.

Level 2: Alchemical Weapons:
Description: With this skill the Krath makes a Krath War Blade, which is an enhanced Sith Blade. With this power the Krath transforms a blade into a Sith Blade, then further infuses it with their Krath Dark Side Powers. The Blade has the following properties:
• Grants a +2 to Dark Side Force Powers dice pool
• Deflects energy blasts and weapons
• Can “store” Force Powers into it like “Force Lightning” if the deflection roll defeats the casters roll, in which case the successes of the attack are “stored” in the blade and will discharge upon its next strike
• Experience Cost of 3XP to make such a weapon

Level 3: Dark Side Droid Enhancement:
Description: The Krath can enhance a battle or assassin droid. The following changes occur with the use of this power:
• The Krath can treat the Droid as a Dark Side Talisman
• The Droid adds +1 to all attributes and skills
• The droid can deflect Light Sabers with its arms
• The Droids structure and durability are both increased by +1
• The Krath can telepathically communicate with a number of their enhanced droids equal to their (Resolve + Connection) score.

Level 4: Death Witch/Warlock:
Description: The Krath can speak with the dead, summon surrounding dead spirits or souls, and most importantly if the Krath is killed they can attempt to usurp the soul of another body.
Soul Swiping System:
• Must attempt within 1 hour of death
• Roll: Resolve + Stamina versus Resolve + Composure + Connection
• Cost: 1 permanent WP
• Action: Instant
• Duration: Permanent
Roll Results:
Dramatic Failure: The Krath obliterates their soul from existence, it will not become a Force Ghost.
Failure: The Krath fails the roll and becomes a Force Ghost. The Krath only has 1 shot.
Success: The Krath usurps the soul of the being they entered into. The Krath takes the Attributes of the host, but retains all of their skills and skill specialties. If the target was not a Force User, the Krath loses their Force Connection. If the target was a Force User, the Krath transfers all aspects of the Force into their host (Connection, Foci, Force Merits, Rotes, etc.). All aspects of the host’s memories and skills are gone, though any physical flaws will remain.
Exceptional Success: The Krath takes their Force Aspects with them regardless of whether the host was a Force User or not. In addition, the Krath takes the Host’s skill specialties as well.



Krath Force Merit

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