Nightsisters of Dathomir Allya Shadow Magic


Allyan Magic / Shadow Magic

Description: There were two schools of Dathomir Magic. The first, traditional Allyan Magic, followed rules put forth in the Book of Law, a tome of moral and ethical teachings kept and modified by each clan based on an original created by Allya for her daughters. The other, called “Shadow Magic” by its originator, Gethzerion, was the provenance of the Nightsisters that did not require chanting or other primitive rituals. The Nightsisters’ book, the Book of Shadows, told of future glories that they would gather in the heavens.

The practitioners of Dathomir Magic believed themselves to be casting spells rather than making use of the Force, and often were unable to make use of a “spell” without speaking its assigned name or performing the ritualized singing, dancing, chanting, and/or writing associated with it. The Nightsisters often attributed the work of the Force to the Spirits instead.

The skills in the Force that the Witches of Dathomir possessed changed the many generations since Allya’s arrival on Dathomir, as knowledge was shaped by traditions and time from what Allya originally taught. It seemed that the Witches were only gifted in certain aspects of Force use, some in healing, others in Force Whirlwind, and so forth.
According to the Nightsisters, a shaman could channel the Spirits to create green spirit ichor, which—by the time of the Clone Wars—served as the primary basis of their magicks. The Water of Life was one such use of spirit ichor.

Experience Cost: Level to Achieve X 4, and move up in ranking similar to a Discipline from Vampire the Requiem.

Level 1: Spirit Ichor

Description: The green Waters of Life or Spirit Water are the base for all the Magic of the Nightsisters. These waters require a long ritual and the expenditure of Force to create. On their own, if they are consumed, they are a poison to those not a Nightsister (causing 1 Lethal damage per drop consumed). If one is a Nightsister, they heal 2 Bashing or 1 Lethal for each point consumed.

Cost: 1 Force Point
Roll: Wits + Science
Action: extended, 1 roll per hour
Duration: Permanent

Success: The character chants for 1 hour, and works with a base of purified water, and their own blood. Once complete, 1 vial of 1 ounce of Spirit Water is created. It has the effects mentioned above for harming or healing. More than anything, it is an agent to the greater rituals found in Allyan Magic.

Level 2: Vision Quest

Description: Not just anyone can be a Nightsister. The Witch (or any Force User), must submerge themselves in a fluid that is 100 parts water to 1 part Spirit Ichor. They then must hold their breath until they can no longer hold it. At that moment they must inhale the water they are submerged in, filling their lungs and drown. It is common to do this under the watch of other Nightsisters (or at the very least a Medical Droid). Once they fall into the Drowning Death, the Shadows of the Fallen Sisters fill their mind and whisper the secrets of the Witches of Dathomir. There is no roll, but the following benefits are bestowed:

• Commune with Sister Allya: she can answer 1 question a day regarding any event she can see in the Force.
• Aid of Shadows: can summon aid of Fallen Nightsisters 1 time a day to grant an exceptional success to any endeavor, +5 automatic successes in a combat strike, or to take 1 incoming blow from an opponent (must choose 1 of the preceding options).
• Beast Commune: Lesser beasts all obey the will of the Nightsister
• Weather Prediction: the Nightsister can accurately predict the weather they are exposed to for a week.
• Permanent: +1 to any Force Control roll

Level 3: Illusion Trance:

Description: The Nightsisters are masters of illusion. They can trap a target in a world of illusions of their creating, crafting whatever fantasy or horror they desire. The target is immobile while trapped in the illusion (as opposed to Force Illusion in which they still move about but are interacting with things that are not there).

Roll: Intelligence + Subterfuge versus target’s Composure + Force Connection
Cost: 1 Force Point, 1 Spirit Ichor thrown into the air
Action: Instant (must maintain concentration)
Duration: while concentration is held and chanting is held

Roll Results:
Dramatic Failure: The Nightsister falls into a deep trance and is incapacitated for 5 turns (-Resolve score). During this time, no roll can be made to awaken herself, nor can a comrade awaken her.
Failure: Nothing happens, and the Force Point and Ichor Point are wasted.
Success: The target is rendered immobile. They may make a roll each successive round to awake from the trance at a roll of (target’s Composure – Caster’s Allyan Magic score). If the target rolls a Dramatic Failure, they are permanently trapped in the illusion. The illusion can consist of anything the Nightsister can dream up.
Exceptional Success: The target cannot even attempt to roll to escape the illusion, they are stuck as long as the Nightsister remains chanting.

Level 4: Force Whirlwind:

Description: The Nightsisters are well attuned with Nature, and can call upon ferocious results from such. With Force Whirlwind, the Nightsister can summon massive Hurricanes for large areas, or can summon smaller vicious tornadoes to dispatch singular foes or entire parties.

Cost: 1 WP, 1 spirit ichor tossed into air
Roll: Resolve + Survival (minus highest Resolve in party)
Action: Instant
Duration: 1 round if done to party, 1 scene if done to region

Roll Results:

Dramatic Failure: the Nightsister flings themselves off far away with a massive tornado, and may suffer massive damage from collisions or a fall (storyteller’s discretion).

Failure: Nothing happens, points are expended.

Success: (single target) The target takes bashing damage equal to roll, and is trapped in a tornado for the remainder of the scene. The target may break free of the tornado with a successful INSTANT action (Dexterity + Athletics – Successes on Whirlwind roll). The Nightsisters can affect the target trapped in a whirlwind, but comrades attempting to help the target will be captured in the tornado and must break free to escape.

(Party): roll is reduced by (-2 per additional target beyond first, for each target), the party is blasted with a Whirlwind tossing them into each other, and smashing any items in proximity into them as well. This deals each member Lethal damage for each success achieved. In addition, each target must succeed in a (Dexterity + Athletics roll minus Whirlwind successes). If they fail this roll, they are tossed on the ground some distance from the Nightsister, and must use a move action simply to get up.

(Region): The Nightsister may summon a class 5 hurricane that lasts for about 15 minutes that can hit an area equal to their (Wits x 1 mile). Many civilians and structures are destroyed by such maelstroms, as well as surface craft and star craft in the Hurricane.

Level 5: Shadow Spirit Summons:

Description: The Nightsister can summon gargantuan Elemental Behemoths of the Dark Side to do their bidding. Such beasts will obey the Nightsister, but no one else, even with Force Control Powers. The beasts are angry and will lash out at anyone nearby for the unwanted manifestation.

Cost: 1 Force Point, 1 Spirit Ichor
Roll: Intelligence + Survival
Action: Instant
Duration: until dispelled or destroyed

Roll Results:
Dramatic Failure: The beast will turn on its summoner and attempt to kill them.
Failure: Nothing happens, the points are spent
Success: A beast is summoned of an element that the Nightsister desires (Fire, Ice, Lava, Shadow, Lightning, Storm, or Nebulous). Its base stats for game purposes are as follows:
Attacks: elemental 13 Lethal
Health: 15
Armor: 5
WP: 6
Attributes: 4
Abilities: 4


Nightsisters of Dathomir Allya Shadow Magic

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