Sorceries of Tund Force Merit


The Sorceries of Tund Force Merit
Force Powers of the Sorcerers of Tund

The Sorcerers of Tund were a largely reclusive, secretive group of an ancient order of Sith sorcerers notable for their concealing outfits. The Sorcerers were highly skilled in deception, illusions, and shapeshifting. They rarely ventured off Tund, and were known to be driven mad by their explorations of the Force.

Experience Cost: Desired Level X 2

Level 1: Enhanced Deception:
Description: The Sorcerer is a master of speaking lies. With this level the Sorcerer is granted a +3 to all subterfuge rolls. Along with this, Force Powers to detect Force Deception or Lies will not work on the Sorcerer. All they say seems the truth.

Level 2: Enhanced Illusion:
Description: The Sorcerer is a master of illusion. Any Force Illusion rolls that the Sorcerer attempts gain a (+ Tund Score) to their roll.

Level 3: Shapeshifting:
Description: The Sorcerer consumes the baked heart of a Shi’ido or Clawdite. Once this is done, they sacrifice 1 Permanent WP. Once this is done, the Sorcerer has the same Changeling and Shapeshifting power of the being consumed.

Level 4: Electromagnetic Torpedo:
Description: This power is an aspect of Force Lightning or Electric Judgement. The difference is that the power is launched as an invisible “Force Torpedo” into an area where it unloads on everything nearby. This means that the Force Users affected cannot use any sort of resistance roll against this. A truly dreadful power indeed.
In addition, if the Sorcerer sacrifices themselves a la Suicide Bomber style, the roll results are multiplied by 100. The Sorcerer will die, no exception. This power effects an area of (1/4 Mile X Tund Score).



Sorceries of Tund Force Merit

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