Ysanna Force Arts


Ysanna Magic

The Ysanna were a race of Force-sensitives who lived on Ossus. Descended from the survivors of the cataclysmic supernova caused by the destruction of the Cron Cluster during the Great Sith War, many of the Ysanna’s ancestors were members of the Jedi Order studying at the Great Jedi Library. Because of their ancestors’ heritage and genetic make-up, the Ysanna as a people were Forceful and held many Jedi philosophies as their own. While primitive by galactic standards, the tribal people were fiercely loyal and protected the ruins of the Great Library, despite never venturing inside.

Experience Cost: 5 X Level Desired

Level 1: Energy Repulsion:
Description: The Ysanna can repel energy from any source, whether its Force based or Blaster based. This ability made them nearly impossible to kill. Those intending to destroy them generally had to use Force Pikes or Vibro-Swords. This power was seen by the Ysanna as a caveat to their next power in which they could fire their Slug Throwers without worry of defense.
• Roll: Wits + Ysanna Magic
• Cost: 1 Force Point
• Action: Reflexive
• Duration: instantaneous
Roll Results:
Dramatic Failure: The Ysanna is unable to invoke the repulsion, not just now, but for the remainder of the scene.
Failure: The Ysanna is unable to invoke repulsion and suffers damage as normal.
Success: The Ysanna repels damage equal to successes rolled.
Exceptional Success: The Ysanna is in tune with their Magic and enjoys a +1 to Ysanna rolls for the remainder of the Scene. This is cumulative and creates a snowball effect of success.

Level 2: Blaster Guidance:
Description: The Ysanna were masters of blasters. They created Slug Throwers that can discharge an entire energy pack for a blaster in one shot. They can guide the blaster bolts mentally and direct them wherever they desire within eyesight.
Roll: Wits + Blasters
• Cost: 1 Force Point
• Duration: per discharge (while blaster bolts remain)
• Action: Instant (requires concentration)
• Caveat: must expend 2 XP to convert any blaster they desire into an attuned “slug thrower”
Roll Results:
Dramatic Failure: the Slug Thrower is jammed and they cannot control their blasts.
Failure: The Ysanna cannot guide their blaster bolts.
Success: The Ysanna can choose to send the blaster bolts where they choose. Due to this increased capacity, the Ysanna can compound the damage from a blaster, in game terms we say that the whole of the bolts just equal the maximum damage possible of their entire dice pool.
Exceptional Success: The Ysanna can covertly swap out their Blaster Charge Pack while maintaining concentration for their next turn.

Level 3: The Unseen:
Description: The Ysanna were master marksmen and snipers. As tools for the Jedi, they are able to sneak around unseen into position. They must move at a walking speed and cannot attack a target. They are still vulnerable to electronic detection by cameras and sensors.
• Roll: Dexterity + Stealth (-Resolve of highest character detecting them) / clash of wills may be used
• Cost: n/a
• Action: Instant
• Duration: while held moving slowly
Roll Results:
Dramatic Failure: the Ysanna believes the power is working even though it is not
Failure: The Ysanna is unable to invoke the power, but is aware of this fault.
Success: The Ysanna moves at a walk speed completely invisible to the naked eye. They may get into position to sneak up on a target, or place themselves into sniper position.
Exceptional Success: the Ysanna gets a +1 to their pool in a clash of wills roll.

Level 4: Into the Force:
Description: In dire circumstances, the Ysanna can turn into a Force Ghost to flee a scene. This is an extreme survival tool as they will leave all of their gear behind and will remain in this state for some time. They can however commune as a Force Ghost would with other Force Users. Once the Duration is over, they will convert back to their physical state, even if they do not wish to.
• Roll: Wits + Survival
• Action: Reflexive
• Cost: 1 WP
• Duration: 10 days (-Ysanna in days), return ton physical is mandatory, no exceptions
Roll Results:
Dramatic Failure: The Ysanna falls unconscious for 5 rounds (-Stamina Score).
Failure: The Ysanna cannot convert and cannot attempt until the next round.
Success: the Ysanna converts into a Force Ghost. All of their gear falls to the ground “Obi Wan Style”. They can travel anywhere the Force can permeate, and may attempt to reach out to other Force Users like a normal Force Ghost. They will become physical in accordance to the Duration rules at the prescribed time.
Exceptional Success: The Ysanna cuts their time as a Force Ghost in half (round up).

Level 5: Ysanna Wizard:
Description: The Ysanna has vast control over the elements, and can perform any of the following actions using the elements:
• Force Barrier
• Force Attack
• Force Energy Weapon
The elements that the Ysanna regard and have access to are:
• Fire
• Ice
• Air
• Stone
• Metal
• Roll: Intelligence + Survival + Ysanna
• Cost: 1 FP per action
• Action: Instant
• Duration: Scene for Barrier and Weapon, Instant for Attack
Roll Results:
Dramatic Failure: The Ysanna is unable to draw upon their Magical Nature for the remainder of the Scene.
Failure: the attempted action fails
Success: The weapon or barrier manifest with a damage or armor rating equal to successes rolled (Lethal Damage for weapon). For Attacks it does this much damage. Attacks directed at target must consider a Targets defense or armor.
Exceptional Success: The Ysanna receives a +1 on their next Ysanna roll.


Ysanna Force Arts

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