Star Wars: the Old Republic, Fragile Hope

The Je'daii Empowered

Our party begins on Dromund Kaas where Emperor Veradun reveals his plans for a “Forced Galactic Peace” within the Galaxy, by using the Rakata to leverage the Republic, and by forcing the Republic to dismiss the Jedi of Coruscant.

Instrumental to his plans it is that the Je’daii provoke the Rakata who have stationed themselves in Dathomir. The party meets Veradun in private, with his new advisor Darth Quillus, a human of strange intentions. It is agreed that Quillus will observe on the Je’daii council, and that Koyi will observe on the “New Empire Galactic Council”.

Our party makes its way to Dathomir to entreat with Predor Zendall of the Rakata. The Predor has some pretty ambitious and aggressive actions set forth. Our party tries to distract him by setting him on a course to attack Dantooine, a resource rich planet for the New Empire. It seems that the Je’daii will use the Rakata against the New Empire and the Republic in order to leverage its own position in the Galaxy.

After that, our party heads to the moon Concordia of Mandalore, where an inglorious BLUE TEMPLE awaits them. It seems that Tyrcus the Chiss has influenced the Architect of the Temple to go blue, all blue, inside and out. The party holds a series of important meetings with Princess Latese of Mandalore, Master Gall and the Ossus Jedi, and Master Zym of the Coruscant Jedi; all under an oppressive blue shadow…

Our party needs a command fleet and an army, and so the Je’daii assist the Mandalorians with a raid of Kuat to steal their command ships. There seems to be some struggle of intentions between Princess Latese and Baraon Zargo. Latese wants to join the Republic, Zargo wants to create a Mandlorian Empire to rule the Mid-Rim worlds.

Outside of Kuat, our party runs into some troubles and is forced to jettison from the Mandalorian. After stealing a shuttle from a Kuat command ship, our party makes its way to the moon K5 to disable the defense grid. Death nearly takes the party as they confront former Jedi Master Spandu and his apprentice Iris, and then again when the defense grid reactor creates something the party can only describe as a Singularity.

In one swoop, the party takes out the defense grid and naval fleet of Kuat, allowing Baron Zargo to sweep in and dismantle the Kuat army.

This victory comes with the sad news that Princess Latese has been killed by poison during the battle. Baron Zargo is named Pre Vizla, and plans on taking Mandalore into a Golden Age of Conquest…


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