Admiral Elise Jade

Commander of Grand Master Von's Fleet


Fifteen years ago Elise Jade was a promising young Jedi. She quickly passed her trials and became a full Knight. As conflicts continued in the Outer Rim, Elise’s command acumen became quickly apparent. She was given command of continuously larger forces, eventually holding the third overall command position for the Republic Fleet.

Five years ago Elise became disenchanted with the Republic and the Jedi Order, leaving both. She took over a mercenary fleet and commanded them to several work for hire victories, representing many different entities, including the Republic and the Hutts.

Recently Elise encountered Grand Master Von and became enamored with him. The two became very close. Very close.

Elise’s talent was recognized by Von and he recruited both her and her mercenary fleet into his Je’daii fleet. Elise is very strong in the Force and is now being trained in the arts of Ashla and Bogan.



Admiral Elise Jade

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