Star Wars: the Old Republic, Fragile Hope

A Treaty of 4 Armies

Our party begins with an invite to Mandalore to meet the new Empress of the Mandalorian Empire, Selene Haytt, the sister of the deceased Princess Latese. However, the Republic has set up a blockade until the incident in the Kuat shipyards, and theft of the Command Ships is resolved. Sent to settle this dispute are Senator Valkorian, Under Chancellor Malea Togar, and Jedi Masters Yami Zato and Pando.

Our party makes their way to the Capital City, where the Kuat systems demands are made known. It also comes to the surface that the incident has been pinned on a Kuat Terrorist named Bano Morax. Our party takes Bano outside to question him, but he is swiftly shot by a Noghri Sniper. Aopey gives pursuit, while Bano is rushed below ground, escorted by the Jedi Bounty Hunter Loran, and Koyi. In the medical facilities, Bano “mysteriously” dies. Von had been able to decipher that Bano had been mind wiped, and been implanted with false memories with some Force Powers.

In pursuit of the Sniper, Aopey gets attacked and shot by a group of Noghri Bounty Hunters. Their ship pands, and a conflict ensues. In the midst of the conflict, it appears as though Jedi Loran is cutting down members of the Royal Family. Amidst this chaos, Pre Vizla Zargo Hett moves the Mandalorian Command Fleet to the Tuang System, where the “ressurrected” Mandalore the Ultimate awaits his fleet.

The dust settles as Valkorian uses Republic Forces to flush out the Noghri Bounty Hunters, headed by the nefarious Dax Rakadar.

Our party is now invited by Zargo to attend the “The Treaty of 4 Armies” in the city of Miho in the Correllia System. The groups attending are: The Republic led by Chancellor Janarus and Jedi Grand Master Zym, The New Empire represented by Emperor Veradun II and Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Quillius, the Mandalorian Empire represented by Empress Selene, Pre Vizla Zargo, Mandalore the Ultimate, and Je’daii Masters Von, Tyrcus, Aopey, and Koyi, and the Infinite Empire lead by Predor Zendall and High Priestess Aldyll. The Galaxy is seperated into 4 sections. In the midst of this, the failings of Master Zym come to light, and Yami Zato announces that the Jedi of Coruscant have ousted him as Grand Master. Veradun announces the immediate arrest and execution of Zym. Zym is able to disembody and teleport away.

With advice from Fortris Gall, our party makes their way to the rebuilt Jedi Temple of Coruscant. In the meditation room, various strategies are discussed while awaiting Zym. He finally arrives, and uses a strange “Force Banish” power to eradicate Fortris, though Von’s illusions are unharmed. Tyrcus blows up the room, no one is certain of the fate of Zym, but our party fears he has escaped…


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